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Hi, I'm Benedikt 👋

As a Lead Solution Engineer at Salesforce, I work with large enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation by leveraging the world's #1 CRM platform.

I live in Essen, Germany with my wife and two kids. Essen is also where I grew up and started my career as a web application developer. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in International Management and a Master of Arts in IT Management, I look back on 16 years of professional experience in IT, 11 of which I spent in presales and consulting at IBM, Accenture and nowadays Salesforce.

I'm passionate about technology in general and about the combination of software and business in particular. I started my career coding HTML, CSS, and PHP, learned and admired Ruby and Ruby on Rails afterwards and since a couple of years settled for JavaScript and TypeScript. I dabbled in IaaS (mostly AWS) and PaaS (mostly Heroku) since their early times and experienced (and championed) the transition of on premises enterprise software to SaaS during my time at IBM. Since joining Salesforce as a Solution Engineer in 2017, I'm all in on public cloud with a heavy focus on SaaS.

On a personal note, I really love to travel both for leisure and for business (well, before Covid at least ...) and appreciate getting to know other cultures through meeting new people as well as through culinary experiences. I like to read (mostly nonfiction), am generally curious and am always looking to further my productivity and learning skills. I appreciate the occasional wine (mostly red) and fine Whisky (mostly from Islay), although for the daily indulgence I rely on good coffee (mostly in the form of Cappuccino).

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