I’m figuring things out between corporate life, startup journey, and being a husband and dad.

Writing an “about me” page is not very straightforward for me right now. As a Lead Solutions Engineer at Salesforce on an extended parental leave, I moved from Germany to Singapore with my family. While my wife works as a teacher full-time, I primarily take care of our kids and spend every minute I can spare building Feld, a platform that enables “app creators“ to build mobile and web apps in minutes and deploy them in seconds.

I’ve been fascinated by technology since childhood and started building websites using HTML, CSS, and PHP/MySQL early on. After high school, I started working as a web application developer full-time while studying International Management as an undergrad. During my graduate studies in IT Management, I joined IBM as a sales engineer and became deeply involved with enterprise software, IT architecture, and the ins and outs of large software deals. I love the sales engineering role because it is, in my opinion, one of the most versatile roles in IT. I get to work with customers across all industries. Conversations range from high-level discussions of business value over functional analysis of business processes to detailed technical requirements, and architecture decisions.

Since 2017, I’ve had the privilege of being a Solution Engineer at Salesforce, a company I deeply admire and that is the world’s largest provider of enterprise applications. However, I have always wanted to build something on my own, to create a product and company that encapsulates my vision of how software should be made and distributed. At the same time, my wife and I had always planned to explore living in another country for some time. So in 2021, we started a big adventure as a family. We moved to Singapore, where my wife works full-time, and I split my time between taking care of the kids and building Feld.

I’m a big fan of React and React Native, and am available to contribute my expertise in these areas as a contractor. I built two open source libraries that enable developers to build App Clips (react-native-app-clip), as well as Widgets and Live Activities (react-native-widget-extension) with React Native. I’ve also built Share My Stack, a mobile app that a mobile app where users curate and share their personal productivity stack or favorite development stack. It is meant as a fun side project and showcase of my work, and I’ve made the code available publicy as a learning resource for others as well.