“Make no mistake, building is living …”

I love programming. Writing code allows me to express myself in building something for the world. Here are some of the things that I’ve recently spent time on. Currently, I’m very focused on building Feld, which aims to allow others the same opportunity to express themselves through building apps without having to write a lot of code.

  • Kotekan

    A modern React Server Components framework built on Bun.


  • Poken logo


    Monetization platform for npm packages. Make Open Source sustainable.


  • Feld

    Low code mobile app development. Very simple development of very fast apps.


  • Share My Stack

    Share your personal productivity stack with the world. Currently in beta for iOS.


  • React Native App Clip

    Expo config plugin that generates an App Clip for iOS apps built with React Native.


  • React Native Widget Extension

    Expo config plugin to add Widgets and Live Activities to iOS apps built with React Native.