For Whom Am I Writing? Myself.

When writing, one should always be aware of the target audience. This will inform what to write about, what to include and what to omit, and the writing style to choose. But who exactly is the target audience of a personal blog? I decided to write for one specific individual, and that is myself. I’m writing because it helps me get mental clarity on things, as a way to force myself to take time to reflect and document certain things for future reference.

Of course, by publishing my personal blog instead of just writing a private journal, I also chose to make my writing available to others. I do this to share my ideas, provide value to and connect with others, and gather feedback. But there’s no way to know who’s going to read any of it, and also, those are secondary motivations compared to the more personal ones I outlined above. And for that reason, this blog is written mainly for myself, hoping that what’s valuable for me to write down will benefit others as well.

Having said that, I’m very interested to hear YOUR thoughts on my writing. Please reach out publicly via Twitter or contact me in private - I’m looking forward to it!